Everything you need to know about Metro Redux.

Metro Redux is an upcoming remastering compilation of two part action horror first person shooter games, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. The Redux build is developed by the original Ukrainian developer, 4A Games. Deep Silver (the Saints Row franchise) will once again be taking over the role of publisher given that the now defunct THQ is no more.

Metro Redux is currently set to release in North America on August 26th of 2014 and in Europe on August 29th of 2014. Given that the Redux build will be running on the new and improved 4A Engine, the game will only be available on 8th generation home consoles and PC. Metrod Redux will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


Metro Redux is being developed as an 8th generation and PC exclusive collection of the much loved Metro games, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. It’s worth noting that unlike Metro: Last Light, Metro 2033 is being remade in its entirety in the Last Light engine so that it will have many of the Last Light features present in the gameplay.

We will start with Metro 2033 improvements. The game will feature new and improved lighting thanks to the new engine, the performance of the game (which was often rather poor on certain mid tier to high tier PC’s depending on individual components) is expected to be improved across the board, allowing some lesser machines to run the game.

The game is going to now feature a day and night cycle. Despite the player spending a lot of time under ground, the time spent above ground is important to the game so having the passage of time readily apparent is a small but crucial improvement.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 builds of the game are both going to run at 60fps, something that has been very well received by the gaming community. Certain stages within the game have been wholly expanded, the example we’ve been given is that of the Dead City which has now been converted into one large level.

Last Light mechanics such as cleaning your mask, taking down enemies with stealth attacks and a certain degree of weapon customization will be included. Character models and uniform textures will be updated to reflect those found in Last Light for the sake of continuity. Last Light weapons will be retroactively added to 2033 for the sake of continuity.

Now we will look at the Last Light improvements. The game is going to receive numerous graphical updates that will take advantage of the new and improved 4A engine. Gameplay is going to be tweaked and improved further. All previous Last Light DLC will be bundled into the Redux build by default.

Both of the games will support the popular Ranger Mode which makes the game markedly more difficult and adds a sense of realism by raising enemy difficulty levels, removing the player HUD and making supplies much more rare.

Both of the games will offer the Survival and Spartan modes. Survival mode is a refined version of Metro 2033 game which increases difficulty, limits supplies and ammo, increased reload times and tougher enemy AI. Spartan mode increases the action portions of the game by making enemies quicker to fire and offers the player much more resources.


The story of Metro sees the player take control of Artyom, a Russian man who becomes a ranger in the Metro. Centred around a nuclear war which all but wiped out humanity, a significant portion of the surviving human race is currently residing in the Metro tunnels of Moscow Russia and are often attacked by mutated creatures.

After encountering the Dark Ones that pose a threat to his home, Artyom is tasked with helping his station by reaching Polis station, but in doing so he must pass through Soviet and Fourth Reich territory. After numerous trials and combats with a myriad of forces, Artyom and several other Rangers launch a Pre-nuclear war missile that effectively destroys the Dark Ones.

But at a later date, a Dark One is spotted roaming the wastes above ground. Arytom and another Ranger are dispatched to track it down. When he finds it, the Dark One turns out to be a child. Artyom is soon captured (as is his fellow Ranger Anna) by Fourth Reich forces and imprisoned but manages to escape alongside Pavel, a Red Line trooper. Together they escape and make their way to a Red Line station, but it is then revealed that Pavel is a high ranking individual and then arrests Artyom.

Artyom manages another escape and races to find the Dark One child and Anna. All the while learning that the Red Line station is suffering from an internally released weaponized Ebola Virus. Finding and freeing Anna the duo escape the station, albeit with damaged Gas masks that sees them being detained upon their rescue.

After being cleared of infection (having not contracted it through sheer luck) Artyom sets out yet again and locates the Dark One child. He discovers through a series of hallucinatory flashbacks that reveal his rescue as a child. His rescuer was a Dark One and Artyom was the first human they had ever encountered. The Dark ones effectively adopted Artyom mentally in an effort to bridge the gulf between the two species.


The Metro games are first person shooters with a survival horror feel. Set against the back drop of the dark metro tunnels, torches and light sources play an important part of the game. Ammo management is important given that military grade ammunition is the active currency of the Metro.

Gameplay is your average first person shooter affair for the most part, the game makes use of stealth and survival elements but with this being refined in the Redux build, it’s yet to be seen how this will impact the overall game.


Given the vast cast of characters in the Metro universe, this wiki will highlight the primary cast.

Artyom – The main character of the games and the player character, Artyom is a Russian living in the Metro Tunnels and is elevated to the rank of Ranger.

Hunter – Hunter is a Ranger of considerable skill. It is he whom entrusts Artyom with the task of protecting the stations against the Dark Ones.

Khan – Khan is a nomadic soldier and sometimes an associate of the Rangers. His nomadic nature mixed with his philosophical outlook lends him an air of mysticism and distrust.

Lesnitsky – Lesnitsky is a double agent that serves the Red Line by working within the Rangers.

Pavel Morozov – Pavel is a ranking soldier of the Red Line who was (for a time) a travelling companion with Artyom.

Miller – Miller is a veteren Ranger and ex Russian special forces. While not confirmed, he is likely the head of the Ranger forces.

Anna – Anna fulfils a Sniper role within the Rangers and is the daughter of Miller.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.