Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS GO) is a popular multiplayer gameplay. At first it was a common computer shooter, which grew into online battles with other players. Later on, the popularity grew to the level of regional tournaments and international championships. Gamers who play online, think about the career of professional players, following the example of members of famous teams. Many useful information about this game you can find at

The use of their first and last names in Counter Strike Global Offensive gameplay, as in other eSports, is not practiced. It is long, not always unique or difficult to remember players. Therefore, players come up with nicknames for CS GO. They must be memorable, if you want to reflect the character of the player, comply with the rules. You can make for yourself a top list of nicknames in the CS GO, which you like, and choose a single one.

Rules of selection of nicknames CS GO

Nicks for CS GO in English, Chinese language should be sound, easy to pronounce, not to break written and unwritten rules of the eSports community.

  1. Abuse of CAPS is not approved
  2. Do not copy nicknames for other players’ CS GO. At least, it is not tactful. At the most, gamers will be confused.
  3. A long nickname is difficult to pronounce. Optimal size is up to 7 symbols.
  4. Using different fonts in the nicknames CS GO is not allowed.
  5. It is not allowed to use the name of the weapon.
  6. The nickname shall not contain a threat on religious or sexual grounds.
  7. Add-ons like xXx, XXXL and similar should not be used.

In addition, it is not necessary to enter into the nickname CS GO genitals or foul language. It may seem funny to someone if you like black humor. But this nickname looks ridiculous and is unlikely to be taken seriously by competitors or future potential employers.

You can choose names for CS GO on various sites. However, it is possible that someone has looked at it before and started using it. Therefore, the only chance to get a unique nickname is to come up with it yourself. And as a basis to take already existing top nicknames for CS GO and change them. If you have any questions about the game, it is worth exploring the site section

Cool nicknames for guys

It is clear that the level of gamer’s game is more important than the nickname. But initially it is necessary to declare yourself. So why not do it with a cool nickname for CS GO? Selection of nicks CS GO for guys – a popular request, because the male teams in Counter Strike a lot. Interesting, unique, cool nicknames for CS GO seem to have been sorted out. But note that professional players first chose or invented the CS GO nicknames, and then made them famous. For example, the nickname of two letters JW was chosen by a member of the Fnatic team, taking only the first letters of the name and last name. The player from MIBR also was not original, for the nickname left three letters of his name Fer. Nevertheless, gamers have made a decent career in CS GO. And there are many such examples.

Funny nicknames for CS GO

Cool nicks for CS GO can be with a bit of humor. It’s a slight irony, a parody of a name, dilution of a word with symbols, non-trivial transliteration. A well thought out variant of the CS GO nickname is a chance that it will be accepted and recognized. And if the game is good, it will be recognized by gamers, managers of other teams, sponsors, fans, etc.

Funny Nicks for CS GO

The nicknames for the CS GO, which cause a smile and good emotions, also attract attention. Here it is important to find the golden mean so as not to cross the line and not to seem ridiculous and frivolous. Sometimes, the nickname seems to be clear and even funny, but it looks ridiculous. Other gamers are unlikely to take such an opponent seriously.