Demonology is the most ancient occult science. In the opinion of most esoterics, it belongs to black magic. Its essence is a large amount of knowledge about the demonic world: its laws, circles, hierarchy, types of demons and many other attributes. In addition to the usual knowledge of the world order of the demons, demonology is directly responsible for the call of the demons. Many black mages seek to learn the art of demonology, but this science is extremely difficult and neophyte mages are unlikely to become demonologists. 

Using demonology in occult practice 

A demonologist is a black mage who knows demonology and skillfully practices it. In our world, really powerful demonologists are very few. Why is demonology so attractive? What is it to the taste of newcomers and why are they so addicted to it?

  1. A summoned demon almost always performs the task assigned to him. Each demon has its own specialization, so different demons are summoned for different tasks. 
  2. The range of demons is also fascinating, from a demon for killing to a succubus demon for satisfying sexual lust. 
  3. The speed of the task is much higher than in ordinary magic, because the demon itself benefits from it – the faster it completes the task, the faster it will receive its reward from the demonologist, according to the contract. 

To use demonology, of course, many want to, but after getting to know it, few agree to it. Too dangerous a type of witchcraft. Most demons, traditionally, want to sign contracts on favorable terms for them, and in some cases, demons higher circles, can break through protective barriers, and if the magician has a weak energy – just kill or make an “accident”. It is for this reason, as mentioned above, strong demonologists, really, are few.

Demons are entities that dwell on the higher/lower/other planes of existence (occasionally – having a living projection or several projections on the physical one at once), whose habitat is somehow tied to the Earth Genius and its energy/information channels. If you resort to informational model of the world, the interaction of magician and demons can be represented as follows: demonologist, using words of force, opens the “command string” in a particular area of the information field, which is tied to the program interconnected with the demonic entity (in accessible language: opens the window in the place of demon habitat).

Summarizing, we note that all is not as simple as described in the article – summoning a demon, too, needs to be held wisely: you need protective barriers, strong energy, properly put the words, knowledge of the laws of the demon world and many other factors. If you are not versed in the art of demonology or just a novice in magic – do not try to conduct rituals related to summoning demons – the consequences can be much worse than the usual fear or fright. All in all, Demonology is an interesting but very risky occult science. So it’s up to you to decide whether you want to mess with it or not.