While we don’t know a whole lot about Battlefield 5 just yet, there are already some analysts who are looking at the game that hasn’t hit the market as being one that could be the best selling FPS on the market next year. Michael Pachter in the latest Pachter Factor talked about how well he thought the latest Battlefield could do, especially when it comes to the next Call of Duty.

“If ever there was a year where somebody could knock Call of Duty off the top, it’s this coming year” said Pachter, adding “I encourage EA to take advantage of the opportunity with Battlefield 5, if only DICE can get multiplayer right.” Of course, that might be a bit of a tall order, considering Battlefield 4 had some pretty bad multiplayer issues. EA and Activision have been in a competition on the FPS front for several years now and Call of Duty has been winning the battle more often than not.

Of course, it’s always hard to know just how well  game like Battlefield 5 is going to do considering there is almost nothing known about what this new game will bring. We have some rumors the game is going to be set in Japan and that it will be a return to its military roots. Beyond that, it seems Pachter is just guessing on the success of the game.